KTO10 SY 2021-2022

Cookies must be enabled in your browser

Is this your first time here?

Use 11 digit USN as username, always use lowercase password when accessing LMS Portal. INVALID LOGIN? if you've changed your password, use last known working password until new password takes effect.

If you're accessing AMAES LMS using old version of browsers , old devices or latest Browsers doesn't trust the LMS installed SSL certificates and encountered any of the following error :
1. Your connection is not PRIVATE error
     - click ADVANCED button, lick link PROCEED TO SITE (UNSAFE).
2. This connection is Untrusted warning
4. SSL connection error 
5. The information you're about to submit is not secure.
       - click SEND ANYWAY button
6. Unfortunately, cookies are currently not enabled in your browser.
      - need clear cookies/browser cache and browser restart

Depending on type of browser, version and security settings of your device , it is advise to clear browser cookies , clear browsing data cache  and restart/reboot to resolve any issue .

Try first accessing LMS using FIREFOX or use other browser , see if LMS opens up properly. Access LMS using http:// or https://  and use which mode works properly on your browser.
On windows PC
STEP 1  Update browser to latest version.
STEP 2. Open Browser settings, clear cookies and browsing data cache, close/restart the browser.
STEP 3. Check system  date/time , set to Philippine standard time
STEP 4. Check system timezone of your device - set to Asia/Manila
STEP 5. REBOOT device , then check LMS

On Mobile Device
STEP 1 Set correct date and time
STEP 2 Open Mobile browser and clear cookies and browsing data cache 
STEP 3 REBOOT device then check LMS using browser and Moodle App