Attention Students: 

Select the instance where you are enrolled by Clicking
You will be taken to the login page
Place your login credentials:
 #1. For those already using discipulus, use your discipulus account (11 digit USN and Discipulus password)
 #2. For the others, use your 11-digit USN and password
 #3. For the password, make sure that it is all in lower case
 #4. Note: 10-digit student numbers are tempo/unenrolled so they cannot log into LMS
After giving the correct combination, you will be able to enter the site
Initially, this will be blank (no subjects) since it is your first time to access moodle.  
You need to logout, wait 10-30 minutes and relogin so subjects will appear.  If not then check from time to time within the day.  If not, raise the issue thru Helper
Once this cycle is complete, subject will always appear on succeeding logins

NOTE: if you are unable to login, use the helper.

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